Monday, October 4, 2010   at 9:00 a.m.
TDLR's North Campus, 1106 Clayton Lane, Austin, Texas.

Texas Barber Advisory Board

Barber Advisory Board
Left to right; Melina Messick, Ronald Brown, Linda Connor, Jimmy Johnson, and Jenny Grisham.


The framework for the information below was taken from the official agenda posted on the TDLR website.   Some material not relating to the actual agenda items has been removed. Additional information such as copies of material handed out at the meeting, photos, times on the video archive, and comments have been added.  

You can view the original agenda on the TDLR website at:

Advisory Board on Barbering Meeting


Monday, October 4, 2010 – 9:00 a.m.
North Campus Building
1st Floor Public Meeting Room, Room 125E
1106 Clayton Lane
Austin, Texas

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If you open up RealPlayer to full screen, it will allow you to move the time slider at the bottom of the page more accurately.   The time on the video archive of each agenda item, speaker, etc. is noted so that anyone can listen to a particular part of the meeting without having to listen to all of it.

A. Call to Order   Time: 00:10:48

B. Roll Call, Certification of Quorum and Introductions   Time: 00:11:00

C. Approval of minutes – Meeting of July 21, 2010   Time: 00:11:28

  Jennifer Grisham Moved to accept the minutes    Time: 00:14:33

D. Public Comment   Time: 00:15:44

Joe Sheppard Time: 00:15:45
David King Time: 00:20:03 View David King's Proposed Rule Changes
Sylvestor Iwotor Time: 00:24:06
Joe Shirley Time: 00:29:05
Jane Owens Time: 00:32:26

E. Nomination and vote for a vice-chair   

  Duplicate listing on the agenda. Same as F.

F. Nomination and vote for a vice-chair   Time: 00:35:25  

Melina Messick Elected Vice-Chair

G. Staff Reports

1. Executive Office   William Kuntz, Executive Director   Time: 00:36:31

a. Recent Developments

William Kuntz, Executive Director

2. Compliance Division   Margie Weaver Time: 00:58:00

a. Public Outreach
b. Statistics
c. Recent Developments

Margie Weaver, Compliance Division

3. Education and Examination Division   Don Dudley Time: 1:00:57

a. Examination Statistics
b. Education Statistics
c. Recent Developments

Don Dudley, Education  and Examination Division

4. Enforcement Division   Chris Funderburg Time: 1:07:12

a. Statistics
b. Recent Developments

5. Licensing Division    Time: 1:15:00

a. Licensing Statistics
b. Recent Developments

H. Work group report and discussion     

1. Education curriculum (Ron Brown and Jennifer Grisham)

   Presentation by Ron Brown Time: 01:26:41   View Education Curriculum Work Group Report.

2. Sanitation requirements (Linda Connor and Melina Messick )

   Presentation by Melina Messick Time: 01:42:00 -- No Written Report

3. Licensing and administration (Linda Connor and Jimmy Johnson )

   Presentation by Jimmy Johnson Time: 01:45:20 -- No Written Report

4. Enforcement and penalty matrices (Linda Connor and Jenny Grisham)

   Presentation by Jennifer Grisham Time: 02:09:30 -- No Written Report

It appeared that the board committees hadn't done a thorough examination of the rules.

TDLR had no handouts of the findings of the four committees to pass out at the meeting.

To date, the findings of the board committees haven't been posted on the TDLR website or distributed to the licensees via the list server e-mail system.

   Break     Time: 02:10:00    

   Resume Meeting     Time: 02:28:50

Board Chair Linda Connor stated that those who signed up would be allowed to speak and would be limited to 2 minutes.

Board chair Linda Connor was about to open agenda item I when Deputy Executive Director Brian Francis suggested to her that she might want to combine agenda items I, J, K, and L. so that those who wanted to speak on multiple agenda items wouldn't have to get up and down.

Board Chair Linda Connor asked him if those who spoke would be limited to two minutes.

Deputy Executive Director Brian Francis said, maybe two minutes and 30 seconds, cause we're generous.

Board Chair Linda Connor then lumped all the agenda items together and called on those who wanted to speak.   She didn't consult with the other board members or licensees who had signed up to speak before lumping all four agenda items together.

If the agenda had been followed, a licenseee who wished to comment on proposed rule changes would have had two minutes to speak on each of the four agenda items, or eight minutes total.   By following Deputy Executive Director Brian Francis's suggestion, licenses were limited to two minutes for all four items.

All four agenda items were supposed to be discussions.   Instead, discussions of four separate issues were preverted into two minute speeches. A two minute speech in no way a discussion.

Many of the licensees had traveled long ,and some had spent the previous night in a hotel, to attend the meeting, only to have there attendance and ideas trivialized.

I. Discussion regarding the rules review project to identify for repeal unnecessary and obsolete rules -Education curriculum   Time: 2:32:20

Board Chair Linda Connor stated that those who signed up would be allowed to speak and would be limited to 2 minutes

David King Time: 02:33:50
Sylvestor Iwotor Time: 02:38:00
Joe Shirley Time: 02:42:58
Kevin Lane Time: 02:47:26
Jane Owens Time: 02:48:55

J. Discussion regarding the rules review project to identify for repeal unnecessary and obsolete rules - Sanitation requirements

K. Discussion regarding the rules review project to identify for repeal unnecessary and obsolete rules - Licensing and administration   

L. Discussion regarding the rules review project to identify for repeal unnecessary and obsolete rules - Enforcement and penalty matrices

M. Discussion and possible recommendation on proposed rule language amendment at 16 TAC 82.71 regarding dual shop advertisements and signage requirements   Lynn Latombe  Time: 02:53:15

Jane Owens Time: 02:48:55
Joe Shirley Time: 02:42:58

Vote on agenda item M was delayed to allow staff more time to refine rule language.

Additional Comments:

Sylvestor Iwotor Time: 03:16:37
David King Time: 03:19:50

N. Recommendations for agenda items for next meeting  Time: 3:22:48

Question from Jennifer Grisham  Time: 3:23:30

TDLR Commission Chairman, Frank Denton, addressed the meeting  Time: 3:24:20

Chairman Denton thanked the Advisory Board members for their service. He also thanked those who had come to the meeting and had given comments.

Paul Griffith, part owner of a new school in San Antonio spoke  Time: 3:28:18

O. Discussion of date, time, and location of next Board meeting

P. Adjournment      Time: 03:29:55

NOTE: Public Comments and questions during the meeting are welcome.  Public comments and questions should be restricted to the subject matter being considered at the time.

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