Monday, July 12, 2010   at 9:00 a.m.
TDLR's North Campus, 1106 Clayton Lane, Austin, Texas.

Texas Barber Advisory Board

Barber Advisory Board
Left to right; Jenny Grisham, Melina Messick, Linda Connor, and Ronald Brown.
Jimmy Johnson was excused due to illness.


The framework for the information below was taken from the official agenda posted on the TDLR website.   Some material not relating to the actual agenda items has been removed. Additional information such as copies of material handed out at the meeting, photos, times on the video archive, and comments have been added.  

You can view the original agenda on the TDLR website at:

Advisory Board on Barbering Meeting


Monday, July 12, 2010 – 9:00 a.m.
North Campus Building
1st Floor Public Meeting Room, Room 125E
1106 Clayton Lane
Austin, Texas

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If you open up RealPlayer to full screen, it will allow you to move the time slider at the bottom of the page more accurately.   The time on the video archive of each agenda item, speaker, etc. is noted so that anyone can listen to a particular part of the meeting without having to listen to all of it.

A. Call to Order   Time: 00:19:21

B. Roll Call, Certification of Quorum and Introductions   Time: 00:19:35

C. Training for Board Members   Lynn Latombe  Time: 00:20:45

1. Open Meetings Act
2. Public Information Act
3. Administrative Procedures Act

Lynn Latombe, Legal Division

D. Approval of minutes – Meeting of April 26, 2010   Time: 00:36:45

  Clarification of item on the minutes by Don Dudlley Time: 00:36:45

E. Public Comment   Time: 00:40:30

Randy Ramon Time: 00:41:30
David King Time: 00:43:22
Charles Williams Time: 00:44:40
Thomas ?? Time: 00:50:55
Jane Owens Time: 00:51:55
Johnny Garcia Time: 00:52:21
Sylvestor Iwotor Time: 00:56:45
Ramero Cano, Jr. Time: 01:00:50
Joe Shirley Time: 01:04:25
Generosa Garcia Time: 01:08:08
Leroy Henderson Time: 01:09:44

F. Nomination and vote for a vice-chair   Time: 01:12:00   vice-chair vote delayed

G. Staff Reports

1. Executive Office   William Kuntz, Executive Director   Time: 01:12:20

a. Recent Developments

William Kuntz, Executive Director

The Strategic Plan is complete.
Earlier this year TDLR was instructed to reduce current expenditures by 5% and plan for the 5% reduction in the 2012 and 2013 budget years.   TDLR was also told to prepare a budget for an additional 5% cut and another budget for another 5%cut.  
The worst case scenario, would result in a budget that was 15% below the 2009 level. 
TDLR will explain the fallout of the different proposed budget cuts to the House Appropriations Committee and the Senate Finance Committee.
TDLR is going to do everything possible to keep from reducing services and personnel.   One of the cost cutting measures will be to reduce postage.   There are 19,098 e-mail addresses on the website (List-Serve). TDLR plans to notify licensees of upcoming renewals first by e-mail then send the normal post card notice if response isn't received from the e-mail.
The inspection cycle will have to be extended to account for the resources available.   Currently, the inspection cycle for barber shops is two years.  TDLR doesn't yet know how far the current inspection cycle will be extended.

2. Compliance Division   Margie Weaver Time: 01:12:20

a. Public Outreach
b. Statistics
c. Recent Developments

Margie Weaver, Compliance Division

3. Education and Examination Division   Don Dudley Time: 01:36:40

a. Examination Statistics
b. Education Statistics
c. Recent Developments

Don Dudley, Education  and Examination Division

4. Enforcement Division   Chris Funderburg Time: 01:45:44

a. Statistics
b. Recent Developments

5. Licensing Division    Time: 01:50:44

a. Licensing Statistics
b. Recent Developments

Break Time: 01:54:40

H. Task force report and discussion     Meeting Resumed Time: 02:17:12

1. Increasing the number of Barbers and proposed solutions

I. Discussion regarding the requirements for Barber Schools Don Dudley   Time: 02:19:00

Barber School Handout Distributed at the Meeting Below
Barber School Handout

Public Comment on Barber School Changes
Charles Williams      Time: 2:21:5
Sylvertor Iwotor      Time: 2:24:22
Joe Shirley      Time: 2:26:30
Jane Owens      Time: 2:27:50
Johnny Garcia      Time: 2:29:45

J. Discussion regarding the curriculum and eligibility requirements for a Barber teacher (instructor)

Barber Teacher Handout Distributed at the Meeting Below
Barber Teacher Handout

K. Discussion regarding requirements for crossover licensing provisions   Brian Francis Time: 03:02:08

Deputy Executive Director Brian Francis reported that TDLR had received a letter from Representative MenÚndez that asked TDLR to explore ways to allow cosmetologists to shave.  

Representative MenÚndez Letter
Rep. MenÚndez Letter in Adobe Acrobat Format        (Rep. MenÚndez Letter obtained via Request for Public Information.)

The current proposal put forward by the Barber Workgroup, composed of Linda Connor, and Jimmy Johnson is below.   Mr. Franics mentioned that the department (TDLR) was in court defending shaving on the behalf of the barbers.   Mr. MenÚndez charged TDLR to look at ways of creating a bridge that would allow a licensed cosmetologist to attend a barber school take a short course on shaving, pass the written and practical tests, and get a class A barber license.

Cosmetology Crossover Handout Distributed at the Meeting Below

Cosmetology Crossover Handout

Public Comment on Cosmetology Crossover
Sylvertor Iwotor      Time: 3:05:20
Charles Williams      Time: 3:07:55
Leroy Henderson      Time: 3:08:24
Jane Owens      Time: 3:09:45
Mr. Kuntz comment.      Time: 3:12:10
Joe Shirley      Time: 3:12:42
Ramero Cano, Jr.      Time: 3:13:50

L. Discussion regarding concept of intern/apprenticeship programs   Brian Francis Time: 03:17:50

Barber Apprenticeship Handout distributed at the meeting.

Public Comment on Apprenticeship Program
Jane Owens      Time: 3:22:40
Sylvertor Iwotor      Time: 3:23:20
Johnny Garcia      Time: 3:25:50
Joe Shirley      Time: 3:26:53
Ramero Cano, Jr.      Time: 3:28:12
Mr. Kuntz comment.      Time: 3:12:10

M. Discussion of rule review project to identify for repeal any unnecessary and obsolete rules   Brian Francis Time: 03:49:25

On May 11, 2010, TDLR Chairman Frank Denton wrote to TDLR Advisory Board Chairmen,
"I am writing to request your help with an important project that the Commission is undertaking
to streamline TDLR rules by eliminating unnecessary rule provisions".
Click here to read Chairman Denton's letter.

N. Discussion and possible recommendation on proposed rule language amendment at 16 TAC §82.71 regarding dual shop advertisements and signage requirements  Lynn Latombe  Time: 3:54:20

Dual Shop Signage Handout distributed at the meeting.

O. Recommendations for agenda items for next meeting

P. Discussion of date, time, and location of next Board meeting

Q. Adjournment

NOTE: Public Comments and questions during the meeting are welcome. Public comments and questions should be restricted to the subject matter being considered at the time.

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