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Texas State Board of Barber Examiners

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08:30 AM (Local Time)







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Date & Time: Tuesday, November 16, 2004 at 8:30 a.m.
Meeting Location: 5717 Balcones Drive, Austin, Texas 78731

The Board may deliberate and take action regarding any item on the agenda.

The Board may go into Executive Session for consultation with the Board's attorney for matters authorized under Chapter 551.071 of the Texas Government Code, and/or for deliberation of personnel matters authorized under Chapter 551.074 of the Texas Government Code.

1. Pursuant to Chapter 551 of the Texas Government Code (Open Meetings), call to order and roll call by William H. Kuykendall, J.D., Chairman, Texas State Board of Barber Examiners, or by presiding officer.

2. Consideration of and possibly take action on minutes from Board Meeting of October 4 - 5, 2004.

3. Consideration of and possibly take action to approve Certificates of Appreciation for certain individuals in recognition of their 50 or more years of service as licensed barbers.

4. Public Comments

5. Consideration of and possibly take action on Executive Director's Report. Executive Director will give the Board an update on agency activities and operations including, but not limited to, status of shared inspections with Cosmetology Commission and implementation of audit recommendations.

6. Consideration of and possibly take action on Proposals for Decisions (PFDs) from State Office of Administrative Hearings for SOAH hearings held on August 16, 2004 and on September 13, 2004 for the individuals listed below.

A. August 16, 2004 SOAH Hearings

PFDs with Recommendations to Uphold:
1. Damon Jude Andrews, SOAH Docket #502-04-6011.W
2. Rodney Bailey, SOAH Docket #502-04-6013.W
3. Shane Davis Conley, SOAH Docket #502-04-6015.W
4. Tracy Earl Kirvin, SOAH Docket #502-04-6021.W
5. Larry La Poole, SOAH Docket #502-04-6022.W
6. Sergio Loya, SOAH Docket #502-04-6025.W
7. Foluke O. McDaniel, SOAH Docket #502-04-6026.W
8. Monisola Omomparila, SOAH Docket #502-04-6027.W
9. Anna De Jesus Patino, SOAH Docket #502-04-6029.W
10. Maria Ruiz, SOAH Docket #502-04-6030.W
11. Frederick Sampson, SOAH Docket #502-04-6031.W
12. Eric DeWayne Spencer, SOAH Docket #502-04-6032.W
13. Larry Sullivan, SOAH Docket #502-04-6033.W
14. Roderick Taylor, SOAH Docket #502-04-6034.W

PFDs With Recommendations to Dismiss:

B. September 13, 2004 SOAH Hearings

PFDs With Recommendations to Uphold:

1. Lena Mingo Coleman, SOAH Docket #502-04-7199.W
2. Walter Tramaine Conley, SOAH Docket #502-04-7200.W
3. Robert Rene Corona, SOAH Docket #502-04-7201.W
4. Jackie Ray Fillmore, SOAH Docket #502-04-7204.W
5. Nathan Franklin, SOAH Docket #502-04-7205.W
6. Leon J. Freeman, SOAH Docket #502-04-7206.W
7. Daniel Garza, SOAH Docket #502-04-7207.W
8. Christopher J. Hadley, SOAH Docket #502-04-7208.W
9. Rae D. Hass, SOAH Docket #502-04-7209.W
10. LaKeevis V. Hunt, SOAH Docket #502-04-7210.W
11. Jennifer Johnson, SOAH Docket #502-04-7212.W
12. Carol Jordon, SOAH Docket #502-04-7213.W
13. Michael Jay Lewis, SOAH Docket #502-04-7215.W
14. Mark Anthony Mata, SOAH Docket #502-04-7217.W
15. Nikhandra Mayes, SOAH Docket #502-04-7218.W
16. Kenneth J. McGee, SOAH Docket #502-04-7219.W
17. Keldrick R. Newton, SOAH Docket #502-04-7221.W
18. Eva R. Rios, SOAH Docket #502-04-7224.W

PFDs With Recommendations to Dismiss:


7. Consideration of and possibly take action to suspend and/or amend and/or repeal Rule 51.121 (Barber Inspector). Rule 51.121 currently reads:

"All applicants for the position of barber inspector must be licensed barbers and must have practiced barbering for at least three years immediately prior to applying for the position of barber inspector. An applicant must have a high school diploma or GED."

8. Consideration of and possible take action on the current list of identified statutory changes to Chapter 1601 (Barbers) of the Texas Occupations Code to address with the 79th Legislature. The current list was adopted in a board meeting in January, 2004. Board will review the list and may consider addition, deletion, or revision of current items. Significant items currently include, but are not limited to: (1) request to delete TOC 1601.264 and 1601.402 requirements for health certificate to obtain or renew a barber license; (2) delete TOC 1601.301 requirement that a barber must have practiced as a licensed barber for at least 12 months before obtaining a shop permit; (3) change TOC 1601.257 minimum age for manicurists license from 16 years of age to 17 years of age; (4) change TOC 1601.560 to allow 25:1 student/teacher ratio in barber schools rather than the current 20:1; and other items.

The Board may also consider and take action to request that the Legislature consider revising Chapter 1601.301, 302, 303, 304 and 305 of the Texas Occupations Code to revise or clarify statutes concerning the qualifications for obtaining a barbershop or specialty shop permit and who is eligible to own, operate, or manage a barbershop or a specialty shop.

A complete list of statutory changes that will be requested by the Board can be obtained by contacting Glenn Parker, Executive Director, TSBBE, at 512-936-6333 or toll-free at 1-888-870-8755, or by email at

9. Consideration of and possibly take action on Sunset Advisory Commission Decisions and other legislative matters pertaining to the Board during the 79th Legislative Session.

10. Consideration of and possibly take action on Board's self-evaluation.

11. Consideration of and possibly take action on Board's evaluation of Glenn Parker, Executive Director, to be held in open session by request of Executive Director.