March 1, 2004 (1:00 pm)

(Meeting Location:  5717 Balcones Drive, Austin, Texas  78731)


The Board may deliberate and take action regarding any item on the agenda.


The Board may go into Executive Session for consultation with the Board’s attorney under Chapter 551.071 of the Texas Government Code, and/or for deliberation of personnel matters under 551.074 of the Texas Government Code.


1. Pursuant to Chapter 551 of the Government Code (Open Meetings), call to order by William H. Kuykendall, J.D., Chairman, Texas State Board of Barber Examiners.


2.  Welcome and swearing in of new board members (for those who have not already taken oath).


3. Selection of a vice-chair for the Board.


4. Review and approval of minutes for December 1, 2003, January 5, 2004, and January 18, 2004 board meetings.


5. Recognize the following individuals for their service to the barber profession and the community:


                Calvin A. Trebig (55+ years service)


                Roosevelt Alley (48 years service, deceased)


6. Public Comment


7. Consideration of Final Orders (from SOAH)


8. Consideration of Agreed Orders (from Executive Director)


9. Executive Director’s Report (general update on agency operations)


                A. New employees

                B. Telephone system

                C.  Status of inspectors

                D. Progress report on translation of Teacher’s Exam into Spanish

                E. Texas Online Authority’s denial of agency exemption request

                F. Updates to agency web site

    G. Update on inspections contract with Texas Cosmetology Commission

    H. Update on actions to have students purchase statutes and rules upon enrollment

     I. Other items as necessary


10. Consideration of agency financial report (YTD January 31, 2004)


11. Consideration of First Quarter Performance Report


12. Consideration of agency Fines and Collections Report (YTD January 31, 2004)


13. Consideration of agency report on Schools and Enrollments (YTD January 31, 2004)


14. Consideration of agency report on Examinations (YTD February 29, 2004)


15. Consideration of staff proposal to update inspection policy for schools (decrease frequency of inspections to once each two months or once each three months)


16. Consideration of staff proposal to update New School Application Package


17. Consideration of agency’s Risk Assessment Report (due March 31) as required by statute.


18. Consideration of Sunset Advisory Commission Staff  Report on  Issues and Recommendations for TSBBE


19. Consideration of appointments to board committees